A running members’ club based on the rich greenery in Koganei Park. The members have deepened their friendship and interchange through weekly/monthly running practices.

Started in Dec 1979. Activity members of radio calisthenics started running activities for health improvement, members’ friendship.

Members count Total approx. 100 male 70 female 30 (Apr 2023)

Periodical activities
* Weekend Practice LSD (5km,10km,20km) Time Trial based on members’ physical performance.

* Monthly Run Fun Run (New Year Run, Cherry Blossoms Seeing Run, Golden Week Run etc. ) And Drinking Party after Run.

* Seasonal Activities Year-End Party, New Year Run for Prayer (Shrine), BBQ, Cherry Blossoms Seeing Party in the Park (Ohanami), Training Camp, Summer Festival, etc.

* Racing Marathon (Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Beppu-Oita, Hokkaido, etc) Trail (UTMF, Fuji Tozan etc.)


Training Courses and Running Scene  

Several kinds of training courses. Koganei-Park, Tamako-Cycling Road, Tamagawa-Josui.

Join Us. Contact us by e-mail at info@koganeipark-rc.net